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EndGods – Hell Stage 21 Get-through

So what on earth has been happening in Hell? Nothing, except I just beat Big Foot down after many times replaying Stage 21 in Hell faction. Big Foot seems cute but the stage seems hard. Plus, changing map since stage 21 also helps on … Continue reading

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EndGods – Stage 16 Hell Go-through

It’s been a while, that I have not played in EndGods Campaign mode, since I spend most of my time there playing League of Gods, the “hot issue” league of the game at the moment. Although I have cleared all the levels in the old … Continue reading

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[EndGods] LoG – a new journey has begun!

Hmm, let’s start from the title first, for I know you will wonder what LoG is lol?! League of Gods (LoG) is a game-play mode of EndGods, a 3D online tactical game I am currently playing. For those who have not known … Continue reading

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[REVIEW] Pizza 4P’s – Best pizza in town?

Hidden inside an alley of bustling Le Thanh Ton street, the way to Pizza 4P’s restaurant is like a tricky adventure to, what I should say, a variousness of Japanese food. There are a few of Japanese/Korean restaurants along the way, but you can … Continue reading

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EndGods is baaack!!!

Well, not by any mean that it has ever gone but I call a new upgrade as a comeback. An exclusive comeback with a whole lot of surprise that takes you from WoW to Oh! Why wow? Why oh? Sit down my friends and … Continue reading

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[REVIEW] Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips & London Tulips Raspberry Tea

As a fan of sweet fruity berry flavors, I always choose body lotion and shower gel that contain this irresistible smell to make my day a perfect happy everyday. The moment when I found out Bath & Body Works has the scent … Continue reading

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Binh Ba, a place to remember!

I heard about Binh Ba island around the end of 2013 and spent 2 days 2 nights there in February 2014. To be honest, my intention to go there at first is only a short weekend holiday because of 2 main … Continue reading

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