EndGods – Hell Stage 21 Get-through

So what on earth has been happening in Hell? Nothing, except I just beat Big Foot down after many times replaying Stage 21 in Hell faction. Big Foot seems cute but the stage seems hard. Plus, changing map since stage 21 also helps on giving me a big sweat to handle.

Don’t mess with Big Foot! Ye right! T__T

Stage 21 is even harder than Stage 16! Oh yes obviously! Although I know the higher stage we get through, the harder it is. But it’s still SUPER hard, that it had me spent many times looking back my strategies and my deck of heroes. Ah right, the problem is there. You can’t just use the same deck of the old stages. Just because it works on them, doesn’t mean it will work on the next-coming stages too. And bringing back the older heroes turns out giving you victory unexpectedly. Say no more, I’m gonna show you my deck for this stage right away. It is a quantity of 8 heroes as usual: Oni, Hellhound, Frostwolf, Shinobi, Jiangshi, Zombie, Goblin and Ma Mian.

My deck of heroes

Did you notice it? Ma Mian, Oni and the combo of Jiangshi and Zombie are all here. Jiangshi and Zombie is the older couple that I’m bringing back to the field. I had to use crystals to buy Ma Mian to help on winning. But no worries, he only costs 10 crystals! If you have passed all the stages in both Heaven and Hell until now like me, without using any crystals to buy any heroes so far, you still have approximately 18 crystals, which is enough to buy our dear Ma Mian. According to the amount of crystals we have so far, I would highly recommend buying him among the others. Since his mana cost has been reduced from 20 to 10, it’s much more easy to summon him often.

Welcome Ma Mian to my team! ❤

Combo of Jiangshi & Zombie (level 1) is called Toxic Toad, which has the function of releasing poisonous bouncing balls to damage the force of enemy on every lane. And when the enemies die, they continue to transform to zombies to help on fighting.  I only used it twice, for I use JiangShi and Zombie individually much more on purpose. And again like in stage 16, never underestimate the power of Gaia Claw (the combo of Hellhound and Frostwolf). Ma Mian, Shinobi, Jiangshi and new rewarded hero Oni are my key attacking heroes here. While Goblin, Gaia Claw, Toxic Toad are the defenders.

My strategy is throwing Ma Mian and Shinobi out as many as possible to attack and distract the enemy, while putting Jiangshi out in another lane to secretly attack their throne. Oni and Goblin are in the backup team as usual. Gaia Claw is the main combo defender here, next is Toxic Toad. I know you will be mad with the frequent appearance of Maelstrom combo (Fuujin & Raijin), but please be patient, they won’t stand long when our team is here, sure Big Foot will have a happy-ending like the photo below! 😉

Sure you can’t, when Ma Mian is here! 😉

FYI, you can download EndGods here: https://endgods.com

Happy Playing!



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