EndGods – Stage 16 Hell Go-through

It’s been a while, that I have not played in EndGods Campaign mode, since I spend most of my time there playing League of Gods, the “hot issue” league of the game at the moment. Although I have cleared all the levels in the old version, but ya know it’s always good to replay with the new version. Because new themes, new characters, new stages equal to new changes with a whole lot surprise that you’ll miss if you never try out. So why not give it a try back?

Got beaten by Zhu Ba Jie in the very first try

On my way to conquer Hell faction, I had little trouble at Stage 16. Not really a hard stage, but it gets me to play second time. After the second attempt, I already know there is always a tip here, and I’m writing it out for your reference, because after all, it’s just about the strategy. Let’s talk about the deck first! At this stage, you can already choose up to 8 heroes in your deck. Here is my choice of heroes: Araxxia, Shinobi, Hellhound, Frostwolf, Gargoyle, Revenant, Goblin and JiangShi. Not saying the other choices are not great, but after 2 attempts, this is my most ideal deck so far! 😉

My deck of heroes

Some of the important things I have noticed while playing in this stage is, try to take advantage of your combos, as many time as possible. There are 2 available combos for this deck: Gaia Claw (combination of Frostwolf and Hellhound) and Tower of Damnation (combination of Revenant and Gargoyle). What are these two good about? I will talk about the combos in my next post. But right now, allow me to keep it simple and short!

Gaia Claw makes its best when it is put far away from the opponent’s throne, it can help clear an amount of medium to weak heroes by its laser beam. In the mean time, Tower of Damnation spreads out poisonous attack to any enemy around it, slowly weaken the medium to strong heroes and instantly kills the weaker ones. One tip when you use Tower of Damnation, when the force of enemy is overloaded, just put it right in front of them. Click on any position of the lane that you wish it to stand, it will be exactly there and the opponent’s army will be blocked by that tower. They have to destroy it first hand before making their moves forward to your throne.

I’m nailing it! YaY!

About the heroes, I tend to give a strategy on these 2 lanes. One lane will become attacking lane, the other will be the lane to defend. Which heroes will be the attackers? There are no other ones than Shinobi with his fast speed, JiangShi with his claws reach and Goblin with his bomb attack. No more praise about Shinobi’s speed, I found JiangShi very useful in this kind of stage, he just skips all the heroes he meets on the way and jumps straight to the opponent’s seige, bump on it until their health runs out.

With the 4 heroes that create 2 combos, I never or rarely use them. If I ever give them a try, I think I’ll just choose Revenant for once, yes just once! Why? Because these four take many mana, from 25 to 30 for each, using them just in obtain to drain your mana out and give the enemy more seconds to throw out more heroes. Seconds count, my friends! At least in strategic battle game, each second and each hero/combo you give out, can make great affect to your game result. So choose the heroes wisely I might say! 😉

How about the defenders? Yes the rest fits mostly. Araxxia with her ability to slow down enemy, Gaia Claw and Tower of Damnation combos are a few of the main aces here. Hmm, I think that is enough for the defending force. Goblin is also a not-bad second option if you have little mana left to use.

Of course, if you ever win! *grins*

Little fun thing I found in this stage is Zhu Ba Jie’s reaction before and after the match. He asks to make a “pinky promise” of giving our food to him if he wins. Sorry to make you disappointed Zhu Ba Jie, but you’re gonna be in hungry mode forever lol! 😛

Oops sorry! ^^

It took me 1:51 minutes to win the stage. Not bad for a noobie! Anyway, I hope this post helpful to someone at somewhere in sometime playing EndGods haha. If you have any idea/experience on giving a better strategy than mine, or wanna discuss about the game, feel free to leave me a comment down below. Let’s talk guys, I hate silent readers lol!

Download EndGods here: https://endgods.com

Happy Playing!



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