[EndGods] LoG – a new journey has begun!

Hmm, let’s start from the title first, for I know you will wonder what LoG is lol?! League of Gods (LoG) is a game-play mode of EndGods, a 3D online tactical game I am currently playing. For those who have not known yet, EndGods is crazily addictive to some, one of them is me!

The purpose of the league is to open for worldwide users to have their chance engaging in a real fair battle where they can fight all their best without concerning about heroes availability or the cost to join. Because LoG costs no fee and all the heroes there are FREE to use for everyone! How awesome could this be?!!! Since the game is based online, so LoG is also available online, with very limited time daily, from 10AM to 1PM and from 8PM to 11PM (GMT+8).

As usual, you can select up to 8 heroes for a match, and since everyone has freedom to choose any heroes they want, there would be no more excuse in this case of fairness. So choose wisely and give out strategy carefully I must say! 😉 Furthermore, no more worries about your result in LoG will affect your World PVP ranking. Cause they are separated! Which means, you can play LoG, World PVP and Friend PVP without being confused about the results of them.

As you may not know, this is only a league to prepare for a major tournament will be held this November in Singapore, called the EndGods Tournament. TOP 50 players in LoG Leader board will have the chance to attend the tournament. The result is counted on your nett wins which always shows on the Leader Board. Finalists will be notified through in-game mail so just try your best and don’t forget to check mail box sometimes! ^^

Let’s talk about the most attractive part of this whole post, THE PRIZE! That would be a lie if I say I am not interested in it lol. Because it’s charming enough to be worth noticing haha. First of all, 50 finalists will receive limited edition hero skin. The tournament prizes are in a total of 17,000 SGD, which is in detail as below:

1st place: 10,000 SGD

2nd place: 3,000 SGD

3rd place: 1,000 SGD

4-10th place: 500 SGD

A sneak peek of who’s on the Leader Board at the moment:

 So, what do you think? Will you be able to keep up with other users in LoG Leader Board, or will you be shrunken away and drown in tears? I hope I won’t be in the 2nd situation, well at least not many times lol. Good luck and have fun playing the game! Below is a screenshot of me winning an opponent in LoG (just a little of brag ahah):

Read more EndGods download info here: https://endgods.com

Happy Playing!



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