[REVIEW] Pizza 4P’s – Best pizza in town?

Hidden inside an alley of bustling Le Thanh Ton street, the way to Pizza 4P’s restaurant is like a tricky adventure to, what I should say, a variousness of Japanese food. There are a few of Japanese/Korean restaurants along the way, but you can easily recognize Pizza 4P’s when reaching the bottom of this small but relatively active road. Pizza 4P’s is a Japanese styled pizza restaurant, wait a minute, which means Italian pizzas are made in Japanese style? Awesome idea! Thus, being well-rated as one of the must visit dining places in Ho Chi Minh City for foreign travelers, makes me – a city local, want to try it out.

Despite the inconvenience that having to book table in advance (yes it’s a must!), I quite enjoyed my meal there. First impression is a short queue of people standing behind a receptionist table outside the restaurant, but we all were served in a fast pace so it didn’t bother us. Second is a smart decor inside, especially a whole view of kitchen that you can see all handmade pizzas cooked directly from the wood fired ovens. Service is politely done with a smile, but still need to improve a lot, although can’t blame them much for the crowded amount of guests everyday, mistake is the unavoidable thing.

To be honest, thin crust pizza is not my favorite, rather than the opposite. I like my pizza thick, cheesy fat and unburnt. So comparing the positive reviews with my experiment here, I am not much impressed for a bit. Still, Clam and Basil Sauce Spaghetti is my most favorite dish here. The amount is great enough for a person and the decoration on their pizzas is creatively good as well. The down side (maybe to some people) is, it’s always noisy and terribly crowded. So if you’re looking for a lively family get-together dinner place on weekends or weekdays, and too busy to talk with your peers that don’t even mind about the noise around, Pizza 4P’s fits best.

Fun thing is you can choose 2 types of pizza on one piece, which makes it’s very convenient for people who want to try many types at once. I chose a mix of Salmon Sashimi and Calamari Seaweed. The salmon slices are put in another plate with ices as the picture below, wish you can see the freshness of it. You have to put them on your pizza as I put mine and woah la! It looks more better doesn’t it?! Oh another down side, yet needs to be put into notice, that if you don’t ask for sauce preference, you will be served in plain chilli and tomato sauce, which is a huge turn-off and a waste for delicious pizzas like these.

I might have the intention to go here again, just to try the desserts that I was pretty much disappointed with the pizzas to try them this time. I skipped the desserts and other side dishes as well, which is not recommended here I guess. So yeah first time is ok, let’s see if the second time is better. See you soon then, Pizza 4P’s!

Restaurant info:

Pizza 4P’s 

8/15 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam.

Opening time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

❤ Bon Appétit! ❤



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