EndGods is baaack!!!


Well, not by any mean that it has ever gone but I call a new upgrade as a comeback. An exclusive comeback with a whole lot of surprise that takes you from WoW to Oh! Why wow? Why oh? Sit down my friends and let me tell you about it in a hot summer day of July.

New version of EndGods contains a whole package of innovative changes, which brings new fresh air to its players, in a well-handled positive way. There are new game characters, new rules, new combos, new graphic effects and new stages. The theme music is still there, which I think is pretty much a good deal because it is already amazing at it own self, although I just wish there are more catchy music effects like this original one. As soon as I notice, there are some new characters, such as Gargoyle, Van Helsing, Dryad, Frost Wolf… and their 2nd upgraded versions. Talking about the new combos, my favorite combo so far is Gargoyle and Revenant, when these two combine, they create a giant water dragon that strongly forces the opponents to hell with it’s powerful waterspout.

One more notice is the game rules have changed a lot to bring more convenience for players. No need to buy heroes anymore, for they will be given to you (of course for FREE) after you clear certain levels, although some upper-class heroes do cost crystals, but I guess you won’t need them much, unless you’re ambitiously aiming to reach EndGods goal of being in Leader Board. And experience is earned through levels to reach higher levels and higher goal. The golds you earn will be used as currency to play in PVP rooms. Okay, that’s awesome! Now let’s talk about stages, there are only up to 25 stages for each faction so far. But each stage is at it’s own highest quality, and by highest quality, I mean the stages are getting real hard to get through haha.

Facebook connection is also a new convenient plus, and the Mail box seems more attractive than it was before, not mentioning about the gift Demi-Gods gave to its users ;). I like how the new version has its notification board in-game, with a little humor added in the sentences, those time waiting for PVP matches would be less boring when reading it. If all of the above is not interesting enough for you, I guess you, a true EndGods fighter, would love this. The most intriguing event that is going to happen in EndGods game, called League of Gods tournament, will be started soon on August 1st. Yes, it’s coming, so prepare yourself for some fights back to the old days, you know you love it! 🙂

Last but not least, you can download the new version for FREE. Although it’s pretty lagging sometimes due to new version building up, please be patience, it will be stable one day soon.

iOS: http://apple.co/1FUQXnd
Android: http://bit.ly/1FULrkn
PC: http://bit.ly/1Sa7IzI
Website: http://www.endgods.com

Happy Playing!



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