[REVIEW] Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips & London Tulips Raspberry Tea

As a fan of sweet fruity berry flavors, I always choose body lotion and shower gel that contain this irresistible smell to make my day a perfect happy everyday. The moment when I found out Bath & Body Works has the scent for me, a little bit of happiness was running around in the mind and goes straight to the brain when I first smelt the products. My oh my, B&BW knows how to tick me, in the right place! That I had to buy myself a Wild Berry Tulips Shower Gel and London Tulips Raspberry Tea Body Lotion. I then quickly assume these two share pretty similar scent and structure. bow1 First, let’s talk about Wild Berry Tulips Shower Gel. When giving it a sniff, a flirtatious blend of blackberries (and it’s other berry cousins), pink tulips and honeysuckles come together in a bottle. Nah, that’s what the label said. To me it’s the berry scent that dominates all over the place. This is the shower gel you gonna put it on your body, smell all the smells, sweat all the sweat and enjoy the extremely sweet, fruity and fresh on a summer day. Yes, especially on a summer day like this time of the year, ain’t nobody love to be cool and sweet?! Haha, I know I do. London Tulips Raspberry Tea Body Lotion is another familiar story of the sweetness. After a good shower, apply this body lotion to add the lovely smoothly scent on to your skin and leave it there to feel the undeniable soft feeling afterwards. Despite the fact that this is just a playful, lovely “girl next door” type of scent, not a “stand out of the crowd” one. It is still too sweet to be true! Fruity, flirty and overly sweet are my 3 keywords for the product. A slightly little note to those who are not fans of sweet berry scents, this kind of smell will melt you down, as you already know, in a very berry bad way haha! But if you are a fan of sweet stuffs, this is apparently the product that makes you sweeter, more lovely, flirty and of course, more confident in your daily activities. Although the smell doesn’t last long (not enough to me), but when you love something you just love it. So enjoy it while you can! bow1JuL.


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