Binh Ba, a place to remember!

I heard about Binh Ba island around the end of 2013 and spent 2 days 2 nights there in February 2014. To be honest, my intention to go there at first is only a short weekend holiday because of 2 main reasons: the whole cost for the trip is cheap and the island is a recent touristy place in town. The trip turned out was unexpectedly worthy and this island has brought a lot of joy and beautiful memories for us to remember.

Located in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam, which is famous for another local name “Lobster Island”, Binh Ba is truly an amazing island that still carries with it a lot of wild and natural side that has not much explored yet by the tourists. White sands, blue sky, crystal-clear water, fresh seafood, on most of it, a calm island life. From Ho Chi Minh City, it took us almost 9 hours to go to Cam Ranh city by sleeping bus, and approximately 1 hour to reach the island by boat. The 3 most beautiful beaches in the island are: Nom beach, Chuong beach and Nha Cu beach. You can swim, fish, scuba dive, watch the sunrise/sunset while enjoying the local seafood dinner meal by the beach or floating on boat.

Sa Huynh Beach

This is not just another holiday to sweat away your normal working days, nor even a short trip to waste your off days as everyone is doing it in the same old usual way. This is a getaway place to explore your natural side that you have buried it deeply by being busy with daily city life. This is simply a journey to enjoy.

I remember once Tung, a local host, asked me, how do you feel to be here right now, living a simple and quietly peaceful life in this place? My answer is Yes I love it here but can only stay for a short vacation. Because there will be more changes to Binh Ba in the next coming time, as it has become one of the popular islands for vacation in Vietnam. There will be more and more crowded tourists visiting, the island will turn into a touristy spot, hence why it will be no more natural and soon be invaded by pollution and so on.

So right now, right here, I’m enjoying my time at this moment. They say as long as you have a good time, nothing matters. I will save all these good memories about Binh Ba and put them tenderly into a corner of my heart. Whenever everyone asks about the island, I’m eager to tell them about my sweetest memory there. I think it is enough for this post haha. Where are you going this holiday?

Binh Ba Island 2014,



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