Endgods – level 35 Heaven & Hell go-through

EndGods, a strategic war command game based on mythology, which has taken most of my leisure time these days, currently has up to level 35 for each faction Hell and Heaven. Guess what?! I have passed them all! Yes, all of them, from level 1 to 35, from Hell to Heaven. And yes there are always some winning tips that I’m so eager to spread ’em out.


List of Heaven from level 31 to level 35 includes: Valkyrie, Red Boy, Tengu, Big Foot, Zhu Ba Jie, Perseus, Pegasus and Ares. Zeus is not considered a main character here this time. We have to save the space for the combo of Perseus and Pegasus, the attackers (Red Boy, Tengu, Zhu Ba Jie) and the defenders (Valkyrie, Big Foot and Ares).

List of Hell from Level 28 to level 35 includes: Troll, Medusa, Araxxia, Ma Mian, IMP, Goblin, Shinobi and Hell Hound. Although Hell Hound is not an active choice from me to put into the battlefield for less effect I have found in it, but let just give the underworld dog a chance of being a plus option. Troll, Medusa, Araxxia, Hell Hound are the defenders and Ma Mian, IMP, Goblin, Shinobi are the attackers for these levels.

For Heaven, my goal is trying to make the combo of Perseus and Pegasus as many as possible, putting Big Foot out after being suffered from the opponent’s combos, such as Fuujin and Raijin, Ma Mian and Niutou, to defeat a couple of heroes from the enemy instantly. For Hell, the similar hero to Big Foot is IMP. If you pay attention, there is always a hero which is similar to another in other faction. For example, Zeus and Hades, IMP and Big Foot, Misfortune God and Fortune God, Cupid and Wraith, bla bla bla.

This is the result you will receive after winning level 35 of both factions, not even to mention the joyful moment at that time. They say if you want to see the rainbow, you must go through the rain. Of course, there are worse things that can happen in life more than just winning and losing a game, but we all know those feelings a favorite game can bring to you.

Now I’m only waiting for the new levels coming out, as I heard a good news that there are more to come soon. So in the mean time, I’m just enjoying the sweetest glorious moment and taking a little break. How about you? Which level are you going on? 😉

You can download EndGods at:

iPhone: http://apple.co/1FUQXnd
Android: http://bit.ly/1FULrkn
PC: http://bit.ly/1Sa7IzI

Social Media:
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1zI6mT2
Website: http://www.endgods.com

Happy Playing!



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