EndGods – Level 10 Heaven Walk-through

I have reached Level 10 in Heaven (Weeeee!!!)! But I found this is both a good news and bad news ’cause level 10 is… tough. Well who said it isn’t?! Another notice is there are always some stages harder than the others. So easy and hard levels are mixed together all over the game to create, ya know, a balance. Indeed, a game needs to be balanced to be fun. Too hard or too easy will create boredom for players, and EndGods has handled this well.

So, what are my struggles? Normally, an ideal list of heroes used for level 10 would be: Ronin, Skyder, Defender, Petal, Estelle, Tengu, Red Boy and Shawujing. The hint also says Red Boy should be considered to be in your line up. But life is not as you planned, so is the game :P.

Tengu and Shawujing lacking is a HUGE problem. The more the merrier, the chance to win is apparently obvious if you fill up the 8 heroes box, yet with strongest heroes. But unfortunately, I only have 6 heroes. Fortunately again, there is a Level 10 Heaven tutorial video on Youtube, which has exactly the same heroes in-game as I am having. How amazing it can be?!

The strategy I learned after watching the video is: Putting Red Boy out on the main lane as many (and as soon) as possible, Ronin and Skyder are the 2nd attackers and Defender does its job as defending. Although Estelle can increase the speech of other allies but when you put Petal and Estelle out at the same time, they will create a combo which will decrease power and attack from opponent’s stronger characters, such as Goblin, Revenant and the combo of Zombie/Jiangshi.

One more important point is defending first, attacking later. Because after a while being tired of throwing out all the key heroes, the opponent will be exhaustedly out of mana. It’s your time to shine! I don’t mind watching Revenant’s losing face *giggles* like the below. Guess his face doesn’t change much ha?! 😛

Enough for all the tips. I’m saving the rest for you to explore. Now let’s watch the tutorial video and game on that freaking level. GooOd luck!!! 😉



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