[Foodtrip] Halo-Halo, Filipino dessert

Imagine you happen to be in the Philippines in the summer time (YaY!). The hot temperature there at that season can be rising up to 36 Celsius (or even more!). You are hungry, thirsty and sweating up a storm, trying to look for something that can solve all of those needs at once. Let me tell you my friend, you need a Halo-Halo!


What is Halo-halo? It is one of the famous Filipino desserts and definitely a must-try summer street food when you visit the Philippines. From the Tagalog word, “halo” means mix, which can explain much about this kind of dessert. Halo-halo is basically a mixture of sweet preserved ingredients, such as coconut meat, jackfruit, red beans, leche flan (an unmissable ingredient of halo-halo), sweet yam, shreds of sweeten banana/potato tops, pinipig… On top of it are crushed ice, milk and obviously, ice-cream! I can’t imagine a halo-halo bowl/glass without an ice-cream scoop on top. You can choose the ice-cream flavor depends on the restaurant’s offers. Usually served in tall, clear glasses that can show its yummy colorful contents, it can also be served in bowls.



You can easily find this yummy dessert at mostly any restaurants on the street with a generally cheap price (normally Php 50 or 25k VND, around $1). My most favorite place to serve Halo-halo in Metro Manila is Mang Inasal, next is Chowking. To those who are not much a fan of sweet tooth, Chowking is your better choice. In the other hand, Halo-halo from Mang Inasal is more charmingly sweet and their leche flan will surely get you dipped into a heaven of sweetness with an irresistible lifetime flavor.

DSC01287  (Halo-halo at Chowking).

DSC08696 (Halo-halo at Mang Inasal).

Now you know how we deal with the summer heat here. Of course there are also other summer street foods in the Philippines (mais con yelo, sorbetes…) but my favorite is always, always Halo-halo! Not just the name is easy to remember for foreigners, the flavor is much more a unique pleasure in the molten summer air. So, melt the weather, melt a Halo-halo!



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