EndGods – Hell Stage 21 Get-through

So what on earth has been happening in Hell? Nothing, except I just beat Big Foot down after many times replaying Stage 21 in Hell faction. Big Foot seems cute but the stage seems hard. Plus, changing map since stage 21 also helps on giving me a big sweat to handle.

Don’t mess with Big Foot! Ye right! T__T

Stage 21 is even harder than Stage 16! Oh yes obviously! Although I know the higher stage we get through, the harder it is. But it’s still SUPER hard, that it had me spent many times looking back my strategies and my deck of heroes. Ah right, the problem is there. You can’t just use the same deck of the old stages. Just because it works on them, doesn’t mean it will work on the next-coming stages too. And bringing back the older heroes turns out giving you victory unexpectedly. Say no more, I’m gonna show you my deck for this stage right away. It is a quantity of 8 heroes as usual: Oni, Hellhound, Frostwolf, Shinobi, Jiangshi, Zombie, Goblin and Ma Mian.

My deck of heroes

Did you notice it? Ma Mian, Oni and the combo of Jiangshi and Zombie are all here. Jiangshi and Zombie is the older couple that I’m bringing back to the field. I had to use crystals to buy Ma Mian to help on winning. But no worries, he only costs 10 crystals! If you have passed all the stages in both Heaven and Hell until now like me, without using any crystals to buy any heroes so far, you still have approximately 18 crystals, which is enough to buy our dear Ma Mian. According to the amount of crystals we have so far, I would highly recommend buying him among the others. Since his mana cost has been reduced from 20 to 10, it’s much more easy to summon him often.

Welcome Ma Mian to my team! ❤

Combo of Jiangshi & Zombie (level 1) is called Toxic Toad, which has the function of releasing poisonous bouncing balls to damage the force of enemy on every lane. And when the enemies die, they continue to transform to zombies to help on fighting.  I only used it twice, for I use JiangShi and Zombie individually much more on purpose. And again like in stage 16, never underestimate the power of Gaia Claw (the combo of Hellhound and Frostwolf). Ma Mian, Shinobi, Jiangshi and new rewarded hero Oni are my key attacking heroes here. While Goblin, Gaia Claw, Toxic Toad are the defenders.

My strategy is throwing Ma Mian and Shinobi out as many as possible to attack and distract the enemy, while putting Jiangshi out in another lane to secretly attack their throne. Oni and Goblin are in the backup team as usual. Gaia Claw is the main combo defender here, next is Toxic Toad. I know you will be mad with the frequent appearance of Maelstrom combo (Fuujin & Raijin), but please be patient, they won’t stand long when our team is here, sure Big Foot will have a happy-ending like the photo below! 😉

Sure you can’t, when Ma Mian is here! 😉

FYI, you can download EndGods here: https://endgods.com

Happy Playing!


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EndGods – Stage 16 Hell Go-through

It’s been a while, that I have not played in EndGods Campaign mode, since I spend most of my time there playing League of Gods, the “hot issue” league of the game at the moment. Although I have cleared all the levels in the old version, but ya know it’s always good to replay with the new version. Because new themes, new characters, new stages equal to new changes with a whole lot surprise that you’ll miss if you never try out. So why not give it a try back?

Got beaten by Zhu Ba Jie in the very first try

On my way to conquer Hell faction, I had little trouble at Stage 16. Not really a hard stage, but it gets me to play second time. After the second attempt, I already know there is always a tip here, and I’m writing it out for your reference, because after all, it’s just about the strategy. Let’s talk about the deck first! At this stage, you can already choose up to 8 heroes in your deck. Here is my choice of heroes: Araxxia, Shinobi, Hellhound, Frostwolf, Gargoyle, Revenant, Goblin and JiangShi. Not saying the other choices are not great, but after 2 attempts, this is my most ideal deck so far! 😉

My deck of heroes

Some of the important things I have noticed while playing in this stage is, try to take advantage of your combos, as many time as possible. There are 2 available combos for this deck: Gaia Claw (combination of Frostwolf and Hellhound) and Tower of Damnation (combination of Revenant and Gargoyle). What are these two good about? I will talk about the combos in my next post. But right now, allow me to keep it simple and short!

Gaia Claw makes its best when it is put far away from the opponent’s throne, it can help clear an amount of medium to weak heroes by its laser beam. In the mean time, Tower of Damnation spreads out poisonous attack to any enemy around it, slowly weaken the medium to strong heroes and instantly kills the weaker ones. One tip when you use Tower of Damnation, when the force of enemy is overloaded, just put it right in front of them. Click on any position of the lane that you wish it to stand, it will be exactly there and the opponent’s army will be blocked by that tower. They have to destroy it first hand before making their moves forward to your throne.

I’m nailing it! YaY!

About the heroes, I tend to give a strategy on these 2 lanes. One lane will become attacking lane, the other will be the lane to defend. Which heroes will be the attackers? There are no other ones than Shinobi with his fast speed, JiangShi with his claws reach and Goblin with his bomb attack. No more praise about Shinobi’s speed, I found JiangShi very useful in this kind of stage, he just skips all the heroes he meets on the way and jumps straight to the opponent’s seige, bump on it until their health runs out.

With the 4 heroes that create 2 combos, I never or rarely use them. If I ever give them a try, I think I’ll just choose Revenant for once, yes just once! Why? Because these four take many mana, from 25 to 30 for each, using them just in obtain to drain your mana out and give the enemy more seconds to throw out more heroes. Seconds count, my friends! At least in strategic battle game, each second and each hero/combo you give out, can make great affect to your game result. So choose the heroes wisely I might say! 😉

How about the defenders? Yes the rest fits mostly. Araxxia with her ability to slow down enemy, Gaia Claw and Tower of Damnation combos are a few of the main aces here. Hmm, I think that is enough for the defending force. Goblin is also a not-bad second option if you have little mana left to use.

Of course, if you ever win! *grins*

Little fun thing I found in this stage is Zhu Ba Jie’s reaction before and after the match. He asks to make a “pinky promise” of giving our food to him if he wins. Sorry to make you disappointed Zhu Ba Jie, but you’re gonna be in hungry mode forever lol! 😛

Oops sorry! ^^

It took me 1:51 minutes to win the stage. Not bad for a noobie! Anyway, I hope this post helpful to someone at somewhere in sometime playing EndGods haha. If you have any idea/experience on giving a better strategy than mine, or wanna discuss about the game, feel free to leave me a comment down below. Let’s talk guys, I hate silent readers lol!

Download EndGods here: https://endgods.com

Happy Playing!


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[EndGods] LoG – a new journey has begun!

Hmm, let’s start from the title first, for I know you will wonder what LoG is lol?! League of Gods (LoG) is a game-play mode of EndGods, a 3D online tactical game I am currently playing. For those who have not known yet, EndGods is crazily addictive to some, one of them is me!

The purpose of the league is to open for worldwide users to have their chance engaging in a real fair battle where they can fight all their best without concerning about heroes availability or the cost to join. Because LoG costs no fee and all the heroes there are FREE to use for everyone! How awesome could this be?!!! Since the game is based online, so LoG is also available online, with very limited time daily, from 10AM to 1PM and from 8PM to 11PM (GMT+8).

As usual, you can select up to 8 heroes for a match, and since everyone has freedom to choose any heroes they want, there would be no more excuse in this case of fairness. So choose wisely and give out strategy carefully I must say! 😉 Furthermore, no more worries about your result in LoG will affect your World PVP ranking. Cause they are separated! Which means, you can play LoG, World PVP and Friend PVP without being confused about the results of them.

As you may not know, this is only a league to prepare for a major tournament will be held this November in Singapore, called the EndGods Tournament. TOP 50 players in LoG Leader board will have the chance to attend the tournament. The result is counted on your nett wins which always shows on the Leader Board. Finalists will be notified through in-game mail so just try your best and don’t forget to check mail box sometimes! ^^

Let’s talk about the most attractive part of this whole post, THE PRIZE! That would be a lie if I say I am not interested in it lol. Because it’s charming enough to be worth noticing haha. First of all, 50 finalists will receive limited edition hero skin. The tournament prizes are in a total of 17,000 SGD, which is in detail as below:

1st place: 10,000 SGD

2nd place: 3,000 SGD

3rd place: 1,000 SGD

4-10th place: 500 SGD

A sneak peek of who’s on the Leader Board at the moment:

 So, what do you think? Will you be able to keep up with other users in LoG Leader Board, or will you be shrunken away and drown in tears? I hope I won’t be in the 2nd situation, well at least not many times lol. Good luck and have fun playing the game! Below is a screenshot of me winning an opponent in LoG (just a little of brag ahah):

Read more EndGods download info here: https://endgods.com

Happy Playing!


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[REVIEW] Pizza 4P’s – Best pizza in town?

Hidden inside an alley of bustling Le Thanh Ton street, the way to Pizza 4P’s restaurant is like a tricky adventure to, what I should say, a variousness of Japanese food. There are a few of Japanese/Korean restaurants along the way, but you can easily recognize Pizza 4P’s when reaching the bottom of this small but relatively active road. Pizza 4P’s is a Japanese styled pizza restaurant, wait a minute, which means Italian pizzas are made in Japanese style? Awesome idea! Thus, being well-rated as one of the must visit dining places in Ho Chi Minh City for foreign travelers, makes me – a city local, want to try it out.

Despite the inconvenience that having to book table in advance (yes it’s a must!), I quite enjoyed my meal there. First impression is a short queue of people standing behind a receptionist table outside the restaurant, but we all were served in a fast pace so it didn’t bother us. Second is a smart decor inside, especially a whole view of kitchen that you can see all handmade pizzas cooked directly from the wood fired ovens. Service is politely done with a smile, but still need to improve a lot, although can’t blame them much for the crowded amount of guests everyday, mistake is the unavoidable thing.

To be honest, thin crust pizza is not my favorite, rather than the opposite. I like my pizza thick, cheesy fat and unburnt. So comparing the positive reviews with my experiment here, I am not much impressed for a bit. Still, Clam and Basil Sauce Spaghetti is my most favorite dish here. The amount is great enough for a person and the decoration on their pizzas is creatively good as well. The down side (maybe to some people) is, it’s always noisy and terribly crowded. So if you’re looking for a lively family get-together dinner place on weekends or weekdays, and too busy to talk with your peers that don’t even mind about the noise around, Pizza 4P’s fits best.

Fun thing is you can choose 2 types of pizza on one piece, which makes it’s very convenient for people who want to try many types at once. I chose a mix of Salmon Sashimi and Calamari Seaweed. The salmon slices are put in another plate with ices as the picture below, wish you can see the freshness of it. You have to put them on your pizza as I put mine and woah la! It looks more better doesn’t it?! Oh another down side, yet needs to be put into notice, that if you don’t ask for sauce preference, you will be served in plain chilli and tomato sauce, which is a huge turn-off and a waste for delicious pizzas like these.

I might have the intention to go here again, just to try the desserts that I was pretty much disappointed with the pizzas to try them this time. I skipped the desserts and other side dishes as well, which is not recommended here I guess. So yeah first time is ok, let’s see if the second time is better. See you soon then, Pizza 4P’s!

Restaurant info:

Pizza 4P’s 

8/15 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam.

Opening time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

❤ Bon Appétit! ❤


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EndGods is baaack!!!


Well, not by any mean that it has ever gone but I call a new upgrade as a comeback. An exclusive comeback with a whole lot of surprise that takes you from WoW to Oh! Why wow? Why oh? Sit down my friends and let me tell you about it in a hot summer day of July.

New version of EndGods contains a whole package of innovative changes, which brings new fresh air to its players, in a well-handled positive way. There are new game characters, new rules, new combos, new graphic effects and new stages. The theme music is still there, which I think is pretty much a good deal because it is already amazing at it own self, although I just wish there are more catchy music effects like this original one. As soon as I notice, there are some new characters, such as Gargoyle, Van Helsing, Dryad, Frost Wolf… and their 2nd upgraded versions. Talking about the new combos, my favorite combo so far is Gargoyle and Revenant, when these two combine, they create a giant water dragon that strongly forces the opponents to hell with it’s powerful waterspout.

One more notice is the game rules have changed a lot to bring more convenience for players. No need to buy heroes anymore, for they will be given to you (of course for FREE) after you clear certain levels, although some upper-class heroes do cost crystals, but I guess you won’t need them much, unless you’re ambitiously aiming to reach EndGods goal of being in Leader Board. And experience is earned through levels to reach higher levels and higher goal. The golds you earn will be used as currency to play in PVP rooms. Okay, that’s awesome! Now let’s talk about stages, there are only up to 25 stages for each faction so far. But each stage is at it’s own highest quality, and by highest quality, I mean the stages are getting real hard to get through haha.

Facebook connection is also a new convenient plus, and the Mail box seems more attractive than it was before, not mentioning about the gift Demi-Gods gave to its users ;). I like how the new version has its notification board in-game, with a little humor added in the sentences, those time waiting for PVP matches would be less boring when reading it. If all of the above is not interesting enough for you, I guess you, a true EndGods fighter, would love this. The most intriguing event that is going to happen in EndGods game, called League of Gods tournament, will be started soon on August 1st. Yes, it’s coming, so prepare yourself for some fights back to the old days, you know you love it! 🙂

Last but not least, you can download the new version for FREE. Although it’s pretty lagging sometimes due to new version building up, please be patience, it will be stable one day soon.

iOS: http://apple.co/1FUQXnd
Android: http://bit.ly/1FULrkn
PC: http://bit.ly/1Sa7IzI
Website: http://www.endgods.com

Happy Playing!


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[REVIEW] Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips & London Tulips Raspberry Tea

As a fan of sweet fruity berry flavors, I always choose body lotion and shower gel that contain this irresistible smell to make my day a perfect happy everyday. The moment when I found out Bath & Body Works has the scent for me, a little bit of happiness was running around in the mind and goes straight to the brain when I first smelt the products. My oh my, B&BW knows how to tick me, in the right place! That I had to buy myself a Wild Berry Tulips Shower Gel and London Tulips Raspberry Tea Body Lotion. I then quickly assume these two share pretty similar scent and structure. bow1 First, let’s talk about Wild Berry Tulips Shower Gel. When giving it a sniff, a flirtatious blend of blackberries (and it’s other berry cousins), pink tulips and honeysuckles come together in a bottle. Nah, that’s what the label said. To me it’s the berry scent that dominates all over the place. This is the shower gel you gonna put it on your body, smell all the smells, sweat all the sweat and enjoy the extremely sweet, fruity and fresh on a summer day. Yes, especially on a summer day like this time of the year, ain’t nobody love to be cool and sweet?! Haha, I know I do. London Tulips Raspberry Tea Body Lotion is another familiar story of the sweetness. After a good shower, apply this body lotion to add the lovely smoothly scent on to your skin and leave it there to feel the undeniable soft feeling afterwards. Despite the fact that this is just a playful, lovely “girl next door” type of scent, not a “stand out of the crowd” one. It is still too sweet to be true! Fruity, flirty and overly sweet are my 3 keywords for the product. A slightly little note to those who are not fans of sweet berry scents, this kind of smell will melt you down, as you already know, in a very berry bad way haha! But if you are a fan of sweet stuffs, this is apparently the product that makes you sweeter, more lovely, flirty and of course, more confident in your daily activities. Although the smell doesn’t last long (not enough to me), but when you love something you just love it. So enjoy it while you can! bow1JuL.

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Binh Ba, a place to remember!

I heard about Binh Ba island around the end of 2013 and spent 2 days 2 nights there in February 2014. To be honest, my intention to go there at first is only a short weekend holiday because of 2 main reasons: the whole cost for the trip is cheap and the island is a recent touristy place in town. The trip turned out was unexpectedly worthy and this island has brought a lot of joy and beautiful memories for us to remember.

Located in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam, which is famous for another local name “Lobster Island”, Binh Ba is truly an amazing island that still carries with it a lot of wild and natural side that has not much explored yet by the tourists. White sands, blue sky, crystal-clear water, fresh seafood, on most of it, a calm island life. From Ho Chi Minh City, it took us almost 9 hours to go to Cam Ranh city by sleeping bus, and approximately 1 hour to reach the island by boat. The 3 most beautiful beaches in the island are: Nom beach, Chuong beach and Nha Cu beach. You can swim, fish, scuba dive, watch the sunrise/sunset while enjoying the local seafood dinner meal by the beach or floating on boat.

Sa Huynh Beach

This is not just another holiday to sweat away your normal working days, nor even a short trip to waste your off days as everyone is doing it in the same old usual way. This is a getaway place to explore your natural side that you have buried it deeply by being busy with daily city life. This is simply a journey to enjoy.

I remember once Tung, a local host, asked me, how do you feel to be here right now, living a simple and quietly peaceful life in this place? My answer is Yes I love it here but can only stay for a short vacation. Because there will be more changes to Binh Ba in the next coming time, as it has become one of the popular islands for vacation in Vietnam. There will be more and more crowded tourists visiting, the island will turn into a touristy spot, hence why it will be no more natural and soon be invaded by pollution and so on.

So right now, right here, I’m enjoying my time at this moment. They say as long as you have a good time, nothing matters. I will save all these good memories about Binh Ba and put them tenderly into a corner of my heart. Whenever everyone asks about the island, I’m eager to tell them about my sweetest memory there. I think it is enough for this post haha. Where are you going this holiday?

Binh Ba Island 2014,


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